Monday, January 31, 2011

"Socialism" is the opposite of Capitalism

Anyone who uses the phrase "socialism" as a slur, or "knows" taxes are destructive to "growth", should be forced to discover how contrary their opinions are to established fact in most other developed countries.

It drives me so mad the hear the talking heads spend so much more time on rhetoric when the answer to their questions are only a plane ride (or an internet click) away.

The fact is I've lived in a number of these places, and seen directly how public policy affects peoples' daily lives; and all the number quoting of right-wing think-tanks doesn't remove the fact that societies that work towards social justice and equality are simply better places to live in all regards.

If the US has been successful at creating a dynamic, competitive economy, it's because of hungry, driven immigrant entrepreneurs; not any of the usual right-wing canards.

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