Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hello Jiku!

I'm flattered and impressed you subscribe to my blog!

While what I say here is indeed a matter of public record, I'm a little disappointed that you would choose to take issue with its contents, not by beginning a 2-way dialogue with me by email -- or heck, or in person, since you sit all of 5 meters away from me -- but rather by relaying your misunderstanding of its contents to our boss(es?) without clearing it by me first. Its a little surreal to come to work and be told that "everyone knows" the supposed contents of your personal blog.

Not a very professional or, I dare say, adult thing to do. I would prefer to have this conversation by email, however since you have refused to do so on nearly ever single occasion I've asked, I'm forced to resort to this.

However, please take comfort in knowing your communication issues are now a matter of public record. You're famous!

ps. I would also like to ask you to send me a link to your blog, where you chronicle your personal thoughts and feelings, so as to allow the people you love to stay connected to you. If the only way you know how to have an honest conversation surreptitious blog reading, then its what I'll have to settle for.

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