Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I HATE filling out those custom CV forms on job sites

My ideal job is anywhere where I can:

1. Learn and improve myself as a technician and human
2. Improve the world around me through my skills as an engineer and leader
3. Enjoy the passion and comradery of a truly unique group of people

In more concrete terms I find that the kind of workplaces that foster such an environment tend to be those in R&D, academic, or Free Software companies. I think what I consider to be an ideal company, right down to the details, is already well known and commonly held among serious professional programmers, the kind of people my ideal company staffs itself with.

I want to be exposed to a large breadth and depth of technologies, and given a chance to challenge myself. I want to work together as a team to accomplish things I could have never done alone.

I consider life to be a marathon race until death, not a sprint until twenty or thirty years old.
I want to die a great man in the judgment of the people who are closest to me.
And I realize that the only path to where I want to go is one with daily dedication to learning and growing just a little bit more than yesterday -- from this moment, until the time when the world passes me by.

Its in this way that I take my work, my life, seriously; but no more serious than I take the rising sun, or my daughter's smile. As it should be.

My idea workplace would be one where people understand, and agree, and walk with me down this road.


Anonymous said...

mmmhhh, are you talking about World45? I must read your CV again...Rgds, Nicolas

R. McDougall said...

I sent it again.

So when are you coming to Japan? :)