Saturday, September 8, 2007


L. was born the morning of Saturday 8th a healthy 3.7kg. This was a little above average for a Japanese baby, so M. had a bit of a struggle with it, but eventually came through and is resting well now.

I was unable to make it in time despite the fact I was racing home from San Francisco. I missed the delivery by a couple hours, but M. expressed thankfulness that I wasn't around to witness what she described as a rather undignified labor process.

The following is the world's only known picture of the starlet.


lausan said...

Give M. my congratulations and I hope that baby will be sweet, happy, healthy, and full of amazing memories yet to come.

Sean said...

Congratulations, Ryan! :)

OJ said...

I was waiting for this post to appear!! Excellent news mate. Congratulations to the both of you from Amy and myself. Great to hear everything is going well for all involved :) Take care... the fun is about to start!

R. McDougall said...

Thank you all for leaving you congratulations for me! I really do appreciate hearing from all my friends!

I just noticed that Lana's birth date is 9/8/07 (in the american order). Sounds auspicious to me! :)

I'll try to keep the pictures updated, I should have enough time, since my work has been kind enough to arrange for a week vacation whenever the birth happened.